Monday, November 22, 2010

What a tiring weekend

Well, ultimately I accomplished nothing over the weekend, I did however finish this picture:

Legend of Zelda
but beyond that I was pretty useless...

Instead of productivity here's some more interesting links...

This is a really clean and simple picture host I've been using lately.

Gun Blood
Ridiculously addictive quickdraw at your own risk.

Color Scheme Designer
Pretty cool little Flash color scheme designer, good if you're stuck.

Comsat Angels - After the Rain
This song has been stuck in my head all day...

And this is the best thing I've seen in awhile:



  1. I ended up playing Gun Blood for an hour and a half, hohoho. I've put color scheme designer in my favorites...and I just realized most companies just use this to make their brand/logo. Or they pay some firm waaaay to much to use it.

  2. Very nice picture man, I'd count that as a successful weekend. *wink*

  3. Hey, hope your holidays were good man. Wanted to mention that my post about minecraft where I plugged YUL is getting mroe traffic than all my other posts combined. It's due to one minecraft pic being very high on google's search results. Hopefully this is sending some traffic to YUL too!

  4. Ok this picture and your blog just made me think of the most awesome idea ever... link vs zombies. Someone please make a game or a movie concerning this matter.

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