Monday, November 22, 2010

What a tiring weekend

Well, ultimately I accomplished nothing over the weekend, I did however finish this picture:

Legend of Zelda
but beyond that I was pretty useless...

Instead of productivity here's some more interesting links...

This is a really clean and simple picture host I've been using lately.

Gun Blood
Ridiculously addictive quickdraw at your own risk.

Color Scheme Designer
Pretty cool little Flash color scheme designer, good if you're stuck.

Comsat Angels - After the Rain
This song has been stuck in my head all day...

And this is the best thing I've seen in awhile:


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Links and a WIP

Trying to avoid link puns, all I've got today is some more of my favorite links ever of the day and a picture of Link the Hero of Time from the Legend of Zelda.

This is a WIP I've got about 4 hours into this one but hopefully before my head hits the pillow tonight I'll have time to finish it. If you wanna see more of my drawings click on the gallery on the right side of the page -->

I encourage you to view the high-res version.
My Favorite Links Ever Today

Zelda Re-orchestrated
This is what inspired me to start a Zelda drawing, every Legend of Zelda game soundtrack completely reorchestrated...seriously all of them...even like oracle of season stuff...oh yeah and it's fucking free to Download!

CRCR - "Todor & Petru"
This is the most insane inspired and pleasing music video I've seen in years. Seriously, this is fucking awesome.

Pose Maniacs
If you ever need anatomy reference (and you don't have friends or like fucking with Poser [like me]) you'll basically never need to go anywhere else.

Hopefully soon I'll have some cooler stuff to post up here, until then slow and steady is the pace.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


WELL, first off I'm 17 days without a cigarette so that's something...

"...although there has been a rise in murderous rage since last month..."

Second I got a drawing featured here. This is a pretty badass project, basically they're making a really dark, mature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles graphic novel with gorgeous artwork. No ETA yet but certainly worth checking out at

I also just finished another digital painting but I can't post it yet as it is a birthday present for someone that might check my blog, so look for it in the next couple of weeks.

Things on the production company front are moving fast, we're about to start purchasing equipment including 2 Panasonic HD Cameras, some really nice mics and a fucking laundry list of other shit. It's gonna get pretty real in the next few months.

We're also writing some short scripts for equipment tests, mostly sketch comedy kind of things. Sort of have this idea to do sketch comedy, but have every sketch based in the same universe. So that there might be the option of weaving together a single story arc out of all of them eventually if we like how they turn out. Kind of like League of Gentlemen or to a lesser extent Snuff Box but in a sort of post-apocalyptic setting.

Also I would like to take a minute to thank the ladies and fellows a Blu E-Cigs because without their product I probably wouldn't be quitting smoking right now. If you want to try and quit smoking I highly recommend the e-cigarette as a nicotine cessation method, and as e-cigarettes go it doesn't get any more affordable or higher quality than Blu. They really have a nice product.

My Favorite Links Ever Today

If we don't, remember me.
I'm not even sure how to describe this, basically this is animated .gif's as art.

Zoe Keating - "Escape Artist"
Red Fang - "Prehistoric Dog"
The Dead Brothers - "Dead Brother's Stomp"
Some music I've been listening to lately.

Weta Workshop Weapons
Did you know you can buy badass replicas of the District 9 guns from Weta themselves? Time to get a new credit card...

Your Uncle's Lap
And as always my podcast. New episode every week! Recorded live on Stickam every Thursday @ 10pm CST!

Anyways that's all I've got today, time to go back down into the shop. Oh yeah in case you didn't know I'm a machinist in real life.

Artists Representation

Monday, November 15, 2010

Slow Weekend

Not a lot going on news-wise. Slow and steady. Spent part of the weekend at Austin Comicon which was radical, but other than that it's been a work-heavy weekend.

This has kept me entertained for a few days:
Cubee Craft

Campground Pirate Radio, this is like KnR from Fallout 3...
Campground Pirate Radio

Check out the podcast, we've recorded a new episode.
Your Uncle's Lap

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick Update

Last one of these I promise.

Just put the finishing touches on the "Filmageddon" Logo Sequence.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Logo Sequences

Ok so I tweeked the Dirt Road Logo a bit.

And I did a first pass for the "Filmageddon" Logo Sequence:

It's not at all finished but it's a start, more of a test than anything.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dirt Road Logo

Still recovering from quitting smoking but I just finished up a quick logo sequence for the Dirt Road logo. Nothing too fancy but it's at least worth looking at.

I think it's pretty neat. Probably going to mess with it some more though.

I also did this little sequence for my friend Greg's outfit.