Thursday, November 18, 2010

Links and a WIP

Trying to avoid link puns, all I've got today is some more of my favorite links ever of the day and a picture of Link the Hero of Time from the Legend of Zelda.

This is a WIP I've got about 4 hours into this one but hopefully before my head hits the pillow tonight I'll have time to finish it. If you wanna see more of my drawings click on the gallery on the right side of the page -->

I encourage you to view the high-res version.
My Favorite Links Ever Today

Zelda Re-orchestrated
This is what inspired me to start a Zelda drawing, every Legend of Zelda game soundtrack completely reorchestrated...seriously all of them...even like oracle of season stuff...oh yeah and it's fucking free to Download!

CRCR - "Todor & Petru"
This is the most insane inspired and pleasing music video I've seen in years. Seriously, this is fucking awesome.

Pose Maniacs
If you ever need anatomy reference (and you don't have friends or like fucking with Poser [like me]) you'll basically never need to go anywhere else.

Hopefully soon I'll have some cooler stuff to post up here, until then slow and steady is the pace.


  1. Dude that picture is really great. I especially like how he is looking to the faerie while all wounded and crap.
    That video was really awesome. Especially when the chick was gonna take off her shirt... :)

  2. Frig, can't believe it took me this long to find your blog. I've already been on Ryan and Bill's blogs for weeks. Urgh.

    Seriously great drawings! you've clearly got too much talent for your own good :D