Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend was pretty rad

So this weekend was pretty radical, Podcast went well on Thursday, woke up Friday and drove to Arlington where me and Georgie went to Six Flags. Saturday morning we got up early drove my parents house for the family Halloween party which was completely insane complete with a giant inflatable slide, carnival games with a prize booth and more food than you could ever eat. We left there about 9pm and drove 3 hours back to Austin where we repaired our Halloween costumes and drove to Amber's party, stuck around there for about an hour then went to Tessa's Halloween/Birthday party, and then came home. Sunday we woke up repaired Halloween costumes again, watched a few Vincent Price movies and then went downtown with Greg for Halloween extravaganza. Sometime around 2:30 we got home. I'm completely exhausted, but it was a hell of a weekend.

Aren't we just adorable?

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