Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welp, here we are...

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog!

Here I'm going to discuss topics related, but not limited, to the creation of my very own production company, prop building, upcoming projects (anything from video games and programs I'm working on to special effects), films and video games, as well as anything I think might be interesting.

Please check back frequently as I'm going to do my best to update every other day or so with, at the very least, some interesting links!

Until then here's some things that have kept me occupied for the passed few days:

This guy makes amazing props and does an exceptional job documenting their creation.
Volpin Props

The making of Jurassic Park, this is really fascinating especially if you have even a small amount of interest in special effects. Seriously, them making this movie in 1993 is comparable to us going to the moon in the 60's...well...almost...
 Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Also completely unrelated to special effects I've found these DVDs to be a really good watch if you have any interest in firearms, specifically tactical uses. I'm writing a script right now centered around characters that really know their way around guns and this has proven to be oh so inspirational.
Magpul Dynamics

And one final thing I'll be plugging every post more than likely is my podcast where me and my two friends talk about everything from movies to being a man to toilets that explode like poop volcanoes*.
Your Uncle's Lap

Stay tuned for more!

*most of what we talk about ends up being poop or dick related.

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