Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have a lot of trouble motivating myself to work sometimes. Some days you literally couldn't stop me from working on the shit I want to work on but some days I can't seem to peel myself off the couch. I think I'm bi-polar. Today was a down day.

I hate it, I've got about ten thousand things I want/need to work on but I just can't seem to get off my ass and do it. Lists sometimes help maybe I'll try that. Anyway its too late to do anything productive tonight so I guess I get a free pass to continue to be a piece of shit for the rest of the day. Hooray.

This is about right.

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  1. That is a perk / curse of being an artist or of artistic background. I usually find myself without idea or inspiration to work on a project, then when the time comes I either, as you have described, don't have the energy to do so or the idea soon becomes monotonous. I start working on said project and then within a short amount of time it becomes less and less important to me until I feel despise towards the project. There was a time when ideas flowed like a river downstream. Maybe we just temporary lost our niche ... hope this is only temporary ...